Don’t Doubt Beyonce’s Ratchetness

This jawn is from Houston, Texas, so her mobbin’ like this to MMG’s BET AWards performance shouldn’t shock anyone. Look at her go, she must be the most fun wife of all-time.

Kid Cudi Shits on the Flashing Lights.

Excuse me!

This dude gives classic interviews, and offers a seemingly endless reel of public highlights. I feel him for this though; sometimes you have to shit on those who shit on you.
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RIP To All “Theraflu” Comments After This

There’s nothing anyone can about the song after this. Absolutely nothing.

The Wheelchair Jimmy Dance

It’s always respectable when someone can make fun of themselves. Nothing worse than a Super Serial-ass n****…..
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Lotus Flour Bomb

Nothing at all against Kim K, but this is shit is hilarious. I’m sorry, and this is technically a violation of the nth degree, but that’s what happens when you rock that fur.
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Nas’ Crazy Party Story

LOL at his blunted state of mind. Also, LOL at that multi-cultural ass party. You know damn well that QB-ass party didn’t look shit like the United Colors of Bennetton. As for the story, that’s how it be sometimes…


Niggas In Paris. At Midnight.

The masses were underwhelmed when The Throne dropped the video for “Niggas In Paris” last week. For everyone who wished they actually shot the video in Paris, here’s a mash-up of the song and the film Midnight in Paris.