Late Wedding Gift

Me interviewing Aaron for Complex is one of the best things I’ve done all year.

Tell that to Sally Jessy Raphael. Do you ever worry about any backlash from Jordan?

Dude’s pretty powerful, but I’m not actually worried. We’re in two different universes. You know what his reaction was? Somebody probably asked him “have you seen this Tumblr called What the Fuck is Michael Jordan Wearing?'” and his response was probably “what the fuck is a Tumblr?” He probably has too much money to care.

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Ryshon Jones Stops By GoodFella Radio

So, of course the list came up. He’s definitely not “too emo,” as you’ll see if you follow him on Twitter, and he responds to constructive criticism the best way possible: taking the steps to prove people wrong. That shows he’s actually interested in growing as an artist.

How to Date Kate Upton

Though most will never come close, some might be interested in what Kate Upton likes in a dude. In summary: don’t stink and be a combination of confident and entertaining. This means Kate Upton is no different than any other woman, aside from the fact that she looks better than the bulk of them.

This isn’t a diss at all (trust me), but in the words of Frass, “Why would you stay with Kate Upton? She’s only gonna become your ex-girlfriend.” That’s a risk a lot of dudes would take.
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DJ Young Legend x Young Savage

DJ Young Legend speaks to Young Savage about not being on the Complex list, his past and the future.
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Black Hippy Interview x Beats TV

Black Hippy really gives the best interviews. I like Q and Ab-Soul’s breakdown of the group’s dynamic. Can’t wait to see those dudes

DJ Young Legend x Kirko Bangz

DJ Young Legend caught up with Kirko Bangz at his first show in Philly, and got this exclusive footage.

I had no idea “Drank In My Cup” was as popular as it is (I never listen to the radio), but I was changing CD’s today (such an old, young n*****) and I heard it.
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No Holding Back: A Day In The Life of ScHoolboy Q

Just watch.