I’m still alive.

This is a good enough reason to resurface, no?

Don’t Doubt Beyonce’s Ratchetness

This jawn is from Houston, Texas, so her mobbin’ like this to MMG’s BET AWards performance shouldn’t shock anyone. Look at her go, she must be the most fun wife of all-time.

#YHFRIDAY (Saturday)

So, I’m about a week late on this due to Internet fuckery, but uh…Elle Varner. Who knew? I mean, shit I knew because I did a post about her at the end of last year, but I didn’t know about that wagon. Jew Rawls and I laid equal claim to her in the jawn draft, but this makes her a first round pick.

*insert obligatory “Refill” joke here*

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#YHFRIDAY (Late Edition)

Joner. Also, the weekly installment is back. L’CHAIM.


Oh, I didn’t forget about this….

Couldn’t let this one slide. It’s a “gif(t)” as Bol would say. Below, she teacher Jimmy Fallon how to Cat Daddy…
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The 50 Best Topless Beaches and Pools in the World

A little something I did for Complex to kick off Summer. I must say that research for this jawn was fun.

Today marks the beginning of summer, and along with the solstice comes the season’s gift: skin. The weather is hot and girls are dressing less, and many will be hitting the beach in next to nothing all summer long.

You know what’s better than girls wearing next to nothing? Girls wearing nothing. ‘Tis the season for topless and nude beaches, and bold girls will be flocking to them throughout the warmer months with the goal of erasing tan lines. Naturally, there will be dudes journeying to the beach just to catch a glimpse, and even couples aiming to enjoy the freedom of nudity together.

Some women are more comfortable taking it off in foreign countries, and some don’t care—they’ll do it Stateside. Complex cares though, so much that we’ve taken the time to compile the 50 Best Topless Beaches and Pools in the World.

If you’re wondering, it was fun.

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Kate Upton x GQ

…and on the 7th day, He created Kate Upton. Right about now, she can do no wrong, and at times I forget she was born during the Dream Team summer. She’s as old as the Olympic J’s, folks.

What the effin’ fuck?
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