Rihanna: “I Do Not Have a Drug Problem”

Rihanna’s blunted Coachella activities had everyone up in arms last week, but I don’t really see the big deal. I think more needs to be made about the fact that she totally emasculated dude by rolling up on his head than the fact that she smokes weed. Shit, 24-year-old’s smoking weed is common, why is it such a big deal that she does it?

If she puts the pictures on Instagram, it’s because she wants you to see them and react, so why bother calling her an “attention whore” when you’re giving her what she wants. Let that jawn smoke her weed and go about your business.
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Kanye West x Nike KobeSystem 3

“What the fuck does that mean Kobe Bryant?”

The Infamous Nike KobeSystem Ads

Featuring cameos from Kanye, Aziz, Jerry Rice, Larry Fitzgerald et al. Good commercial (and I fuckin’ hate advertising), but here’s some advice Kobe isn’t qualified to give: how to pick the right one.

Wathch the first ad below….
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Jordan V Black/Metallic Silver

August 20th. Looks like a lint roller might be necessary, but these are a must have.

11 Defining Moments in Nike’s Lightweight Basketball Shoe History

These were recently re-released, and I remember them from back in the day. Gary Payton, Jason Kidd and both Tim and Penny Hardaway all rocked these in the ’90’s, but they’re largely associated with Penny because he wore them all the time they match those Orlando uni’s from the ’90’s. I can’t stress hoBelow is a list of 10 other lightweight Nike basketball shoes….

Link: 11 Defining Moments in Nike’s Lightweight Basketball Shoes

Another Look At The Upcoming Jordan V

Here are new pics of the upcoming Black/Metallic Silver V’s that come out in August. More pics here. In my mind, they’re already mine….

Jordan V Black/Metallic Silver To Drop in August

I can’t wait for these jawns. The OG’s came out in 1990, and they were retroed in 2000 and 2007. I managed to miss them both times, the latter failure a result of a DTM (Doing Too Much) Friday night during my Senior Year of college. These are among my favorite Jordans and I’m not missing them this time around. There are a few suttle differences, but they don’t hurt the shoe at all, as the integrity of the original is kept in tact. No official date yet, but I’m hearing they’ll go for $150. More info to come as we get closer to the release. For a better look at these, go here.
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