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Kanye at the Revel

Mad as fuck I wasn’t there. Brad was though, so here are the 10 best moment’s from last night’s show.

Kendrick Lamar and Fan Perform “Look Out For Detox” at Paid Dues 2012

I love it when dude does this. Look how hype the kid is, and I understand. If you’ve seen this song performed live, you understand. I’ve seen girls run away because dudes started a mosh pit with no regard for their presence whatsoever.

Pac Div at the University of Maryland

Fuck this crowd. Seriously.

Due to fuckery of epic levels, I couldn’t make it out there at times, but what kind of lame ass crowd is this? Who raised these kids? Why can’t Pac Div get booked at a decent venue? They were at Liv in September 2010 before falling through Recess with a kush cloud, and there were a respectable amount of people there. These dudes should be bigger than they are, it’s sad to see them waste their talent on wooden audiences like this.

I would’ve talked the most shit about these kids if I was in attendance. Appreciate live shows, it’s what music really about.

Why are kids so afraid to have fun these days? And that’s coming from a ninja who’s mastered the art of sliding in and out of places without being noticed.

This Is Dom Kennedy Tour Vol. 2 x 3

Dom hits the East Coast (I was at the Philly show), then the Midwest before finally heading back home to the West. Look out for the Yellow Album dropping as soon as motherfuckin’ possible.
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A$AP Rocky Brings Out Master P at Coachella

While in the midst of “Goldie” A$AP brought Percy Miller and a bunch of ninjas out on stage to perform exactly what you’d expect them to perform. Damn, I miss ’98 sometimes. Anyway, following the impromptu performance, the two performed “I Miss My Homies” for Trayvon Martin.

The Weeknd’s Coachella Set

Talk about creating demand.

After a jawn auctioned herself off on Craigslist for ticket’s to a Weeknd concert that sold out instantly, Abel shut shit down at Coachella. For most of last year, I wondered why his live shows were so few and far between, but then I remembered that he said he was releasing three projects in 2011. It’s easier to compose a set list when you have an actual body of work, not just one project out, even though people would’ve been good with him performing House of Balloons.

Anyway, check this shit out. It might be as close to some of you get to seeing dude live….
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