I’m still alive.

This is a good enough reason to resurface, no?

Kate Upton x GQ

…and on the 7th day, He created Kate Upton. Right about now, she can do no wrong, and at times I forget she was born during the Dream Team summer. She’s as old as the Olympic J’s, folks.

What the effin’ fuck?
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Taylor Gang Covers April/May ’12 Issue of The Source

Juicy, Lola, Chevy and a Hendrix’d the fuck out Wiz appear on the next issue of The Source.

See, the weed be lettin’ you know.
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Drake x GQ Style Bible

Along with Mad Men’s John Slattery and 21 Jump Street’s Dave Franco, Drake his cheese on as the cover boy for GQ’s Style Bible. Read the story here.

Freida Pinto x Esquire


I wonder if she’s still with homie from Slumdog Millionaire. He simped so hard in the movie, it had to translate to real life romance….

More pics here.

Kendrick Lamar x Danny Brown Cover FADER

The story about the time 50 made Danny Brown wear baggy jeans is hilarious. As for Kendrick, well, he’s just better than everyone else.

Kendrick’s cover story.

Danny Brown’s cover story.

Kanye West Covers March Issue of Vogue…With Several Models

…oh, and Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci was there too, because the fuckin’ story is about him.

Tisci on working with The Throne:
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