Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

The third and final trailer was released earlier this week. Don’t lie to yourself, you know this shit is going to be amazing.

A Little Avengers Teaser (via Scarlett Johansson)

Now that’s a lady….
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The Announcement

With one press conference, Magic Johnson changed the face of HIV/AIDS.

Now playing on ESPN.
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Video: Waka Flocka feat. Drake-Round of Applause (Uncut)

This is what everyone was expecting. I, however, was expecting to see Clifton Powell at some point.

If Clifton Powell doesn’t get a Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards in the near future, I’ll have negative respect for BET.

Niggas In Paris. At Midnight.

The masses were underwhelmed when The Throne dropped the video for “Niggas In Paris” last week. For everyone who wished they actually shot the video in Paris, here’s a mash-up of the song and the film Midnight in Paris.


Think Like A Man Trailer

So much, too much really. I have to see it.

Meagan’s in it, as are so many other jawns. And it comes out on 4/20.


Ice cold. That’s her in A Low Donw Dirty Shame back in ’94, and she’s absolutely nothing over the years. The fact that I’m attracted to a woman with a gun in her hands means I’ll probably never make it out of my 20’s. She stunned everyone when she appeared in Black Dynamite looking good as ever.

She’s a triple OG. #YHFRIDAY.
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