On The Set: N.E.R.D-Hypnotize U

Over the weekend, these guys shot the video for their latest single with frequent collaborator Paul Hunter. He’s responsible for their “Maybe” video, as well as Snoop’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and P’s “Can I Have It Like That”. I see a lot of things that I like in these pictures. Below, you’ll also find Nothing’s tracklist plus four deluxe edition bonus tracks, as well as the art for “Hypnotize U”…..
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Pics: Drake x J.Cole x Rihanna at Drake’s After Party

The internets should be satisfied. First, Drake and Rihanna have reunited-months after he told the world how she made him see “Fireworks”. She took the high road, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a second chance, so fuck it. Now, he’s brought J.Cole out on stage and they’ve all been photographed together.

Song? Why not….

…and I know J.Cole is a tall dude, but the scale in this pic is all fucked up because he looks like a giant next to Drake and Rihanna-neither of whom are short. Speaking of Rihanna, that Ronald McDonald hair has to go girl…..
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Pharrell’s Birthday Cake

He turned 37 yesterday, and his cake proves you’re never too old to be young at heart.
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J.Cole Sold Out SOB’s

I really wish I was going to this show, I just feel like that’s what I should be doing tonight. Instead, I’m The District writing about some shit I’ll be doing in later this week. You win some, you lose some. Anyway, he sold out his show at the legendary SOB’s, which means a lot to the dude because he saw Kanye there for the first time in the Fall of ’03. It reminds me of the first time I saw Kanye live at Homecoming ’03. I remember hearing him rap here and there from ’01-’03, and having mixed feelings about what he was doing on the mic. I could see the potential though. Then, me and Aaron saw the “Through The Wire” video the day before I left for college and were blown away. Nullus. Anyway, I started college that Fall looking forward to College Dropout; when he randomly appears at my first Homecoming. Not even as a headliner, he was kind of added value to Juelz Santana and the members of State Property who were allowed to leave the state of Pennsylvania. Kanye shows up rockin’ this army jacket, performed “Through The Wire”, “Wow”, and what would become “Gold Digger”. What happened? Fuckin’ idiots booed him because they didn’t know who he was. 4 months later, College Dropout came out, and well…y’all know the story. That album will always be important to me because it came out my Freshman year, and created a new lane in the game for artists such as J.Cole. I suppose that’s why he and I see eye to eye on some things….

Below is his response to Jae Millz’ remarks about the XXL Freshman 10, and the rest of his tour dates.

Related: Video: J.Cole At SXSW
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T.I. Completes Prison Sentence

After completing his sentence for federal gun charges, T.I. is a free man as of today. However, he still has certain rules he has to adhere to. He’s still under 23 days of “supervised release”, meaning he has to be in the house by 11pm, and 1am if he’s performing. He’s also on probation for three yeats and has to perform 400 hours of community service. If he fucks up again, he’s going under the jail. Regardless, he’s home. For real.

Link: T.I. Completes Prison Sentence

Diggy Got A Deal

So yeah, Diggy got a deal with Atlantic Records. For 15, he’s alright. He certainly has time to develop. Look out for the Justin Bieber collab, coming soon.


How about them apples?

Video: Lupe Fiaco-Daydremin’/Paris, Tokyo/Superstar (Live MTV Spring Break ’08)

Say what you want, dude brings a lot of energy to the stage. Don’t know about the all-white though.
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