“Owe me back like you owe your tax….”

Nas is the latest rapper to make headlines for tax troubles. God’s Son reportedly owes the government over $6 million for a property he owns in Eagles Landing, Ga.

According to The Detroit News, this isn’t the first time Nasir has had problems with the IRS; for the last three years he filed liens. In addition, the Queens, NY MC reportedly owes money for his condo in his hometown. Managers of the building claim he failed to pay his $420 a month assessment fee since January of last year, and have also filed a lien.

But its not all looking down for the Illmatic MC. Earlier this month his child and spousal support payments to ex-wife Kelis were cut in half. Originally ordered to pay about $51,000 a month, an L.A. Superior Court judge reduced Nas’s expenses to about $25,000.

Nas joins Lil Jon, Young Buck, Trick Daddy and many others who have all had problems with Uncle Sam in the past few months.

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Demar DeRozan Gets Ignorant

Well damn. Is it better than this?

Brad Childress Get The Axe

This shit was inevitable.

Brad Childress was basically dead in the water, but after the Vikings got stomped out 31-3 at home by the Packers on Sunday…..it was officially a wrap. I watched the highlights-Aaron Rodgers is one of my Fantasy QB’s-and it was obvious that the players had given up. This disaster has been weeks in the making though, as Childress has had issues with numerous players on the team. First it was Favre, then it was cutting Moss just weeks after being re-acquired, then it was Percy Harvin and then a few players anonymously told the media that they pretty much hated Childress.
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Blake Griffin Gets Ignorant.

He palmed his dome, nullus….
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I Called It.

I knew it. It’s not hard to spot trouble in paradise, but this shit was too obvious. Eva Longoria is the Queen of Loose Lips (zing!), but she’s never been one to have her ass all out in public. That’s why I was so surprised when I literally saw her with her ass all out at the 2010 MTV EMA’s last week. I immediately thought that Tony Parker must not be handling his business, or he just doesn’t give a shit. Well, a day after denying that they were splitting up, she went ahead and filed for divorce. Ha.
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T.I. Returns To Prison

Sometime today, Tip checked back into Forest City Correctional Complex in Arkansas. His info has yet to be processed, but he’ll be out around this time next year, barring some sort of fuckin’ miracle. It’s a goddamn shame. In other metaphorical news, Fab replaced Tip on Big Boi’s “Tangerine Remix”. I guess this means they plan on shooting a video, or maybe I’m just getting my hopes up. Anyway, on Thursday, Wayne leaves Riker’s Island. This shit is really like a revolving door….

The 20 Most Pause-Worthy Album Covers

This list is long over due. It really makes you wonder what a lot of these dudes were thinking. There’s no way that an artist can look at some of this shit years later and not be ashamed. Shit, they should’ve been pissed off as soon as they saw the cover. Below is one that’s just….too easy….nullus
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