Kate Upton x GQ

…and on the 7th day, He created Kate Upton. Right about now, she can do no wrong, and at times I forget she was born during the Dream Team summer. She’s as old as the Olympic J’s, folks.

What the effin’ fuck?
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How To Get Good Tips

Aside from being a good bartender, one way to get tips (if you’re a female) is to just fuckin’ look good. This is Arianny Celeste, and she’s UFC Ring Girl, which means her body fat is very low and she’ll punch you in the fuckin’ mouth. This is from her FHM shoot, which you’ll probably wanna check out, because there’s something undeniably attractive about a woman who can serve you a drink (in that, albeit) and fuck you the fuck up.
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Rihanna x Armani

Part deux.

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Freida Pinto x Esquire


I wonder if she’s still with homie from Slumdog Millionaire. He simped so hard in the movie, it had to translate to real life romance….

More pics here.

Eva Mendes x Marie Claire

Once again, in a world of boring blood-suckers, she just looks like fun.

Why Marko Jaric Won.

“Went from Iesha’s to Adriana Lima’s”-Pusha T

So yeah, Marko Jaric got over. Her > anything he did prior to meeting her.
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Eva Mendes x Ellen Von Unwerth Photoshoot

*gives nod of respect to Ryan Gosling*

More images here.