It Ends Tonight?

Ladies gentlemen, we’re on the verge of the unthinkable.

That’s right bitches, PE #6 LeBron James is on the verge of winning his first NBA Championship. Despite all of the disappointments, criticism, hairline jokes and unjustified hate, LeBron is one game away from getting a ring. At the same time, so is Eddy Curry, which probably means God hates us all or has a fucked sense of humor. This is matchup that everyone wanted to see, and I like both of these teams, so I want the series to go 7 games. To be honest, it pains me that one team actually has to lose.
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Somebody Let Carlos Boozer Rap

Even worse than I expected…..
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Monkey Off His Back?

With Miami’s 97-87 win over Boston Wednesday night, Lebron James sent the Celtics home and exercised one demon for the moment. Lebron scored 33 points, including Miami’s final 10 as part of their 16-0 run over Boston during the final 4:15 of the game. Dwyane Wade- who struggled against Boston during the regular season-led all scorers with 34 points, and added 10 rebounds and 5 assists. Ray Allen led the worn-down Celtics with 18 points, bringin an abrupt end to a series that I thought for sure would go at least six games. The Celtics have had Lebron’s number, sending him home last year and ending his career in Cleveland. He finally got past Paul Pierce, who’s (somehow) kicked his ass for years. When it was all said and done, the Heat were celebrating like they just won the championship. Yes, they cleared a roadblock in their quest for an NBA title, but they’re still eight wins away from accomplishing that. Let’s take it one game at a time, folks.
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The 2011 NBA Playoffs are ridiculous, I love this shit.

Last night, the Thunder defeated the Grizzlies 133-123 in a triple-overtime thriller to even the series at two games apiece. Despite not taking a shot for nine minutes, Kevin Durant hit two big shots late in the third overtime to propel OKC to victory. His runner over Shane Battier with 59 seconds left gave the Thunder a 129-123 lead and his jumper over Battier on the next possesion sealed the game. Durant finished with 35 points and 13 rebounds on 20 shots, and Russell Westbrook led OKC with 40 points and only 3 turnovers in 51 minutes. He still took 13 more shots than Durant (15-33), but played with more discipline that he did in their Game 3 loss. He’s s scoring point guard, I don’t fault him for that at all, but he needs to remember who the best player on the team is. This isn’t a D.Rose situation at all. With that being said, KD needs to demand the fuckin’ ball, which it looks like he did. Even though OKC’s two All-Stars combined for 75 points, it was James Harden who provided a much-needed spark off the bench with 19 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists.
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Well Damn, Lakers…

Not this year.

The Lakers quest for a three-peat ended Sunday following a poetic 36 point loss to the Mavericks. Earlier in the week, I had said that there was no was L.A. was getting swept, and that it wouldn’t surprise me if the series went seven games. I was dead-ass wrong, and I’m glad. It’s bad-or good-enough that they got swept, but Game 4 unfolded in an embarassing fashion. The Lakers played like shit, they shot 38% from the field, had as many assists as they did turnovers (16) and gave up 122 fuckin points. Dallas shot the lights though. 60% from the feild and 63% on threes. It’s pretty damn hard to defend any team that hits and NBA Playoff record 20 threes. Jason Terry tied a playoff record, hitting 9 himself on the way to leading all scorers with 32 points. J.J. Barea, the object of much hostility during this series, scored 22 points and sank all 6 of his threes en route to 21 points. By the way, none of those dudes start. Magic looked like he was gonna cry at halftime.
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That Shit Hurt.

However, the docs popped that shit back into place and he returned to the game….

May 7th: A Great Day for the NBA

Today marks a historic day in NBA history. On May 7, 1989, Michael Jordan began his ascent to greatness by draining this game winning jumper over a disgraced Craig Ehlo. On May 7, 1995-a day I remember vividly-Reggie Miller scored 8 points in 9 seconds, helping the Pacers steal Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals at Madison Square Garden. They would go on to win the series in seven games, pissing me off. Last, but not certainly least, is AI’s infamous “practice” press conference. This went down on May 7, 2002, and I remember it better than anything else here because I was so close to the incident. After making the Finals for the first time in my life the season before, the whole city was itching for the Sixers to return to the top of the Eastern Conference. Instead, Philly was treated to this unforgettable moment. It might’ve been the highlight of the postseason. I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years…..

What’s your favorite May 7th NBA Playoff memory?
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