KONY 2012

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Wiz Khalifa Issues Statement About Rolling Papers

From the moment Wiz signed Atlantic in July of 2010, I was eagerly anticipating his debut album. I wasn’t alone. When Rolling Papers finally dropped last March, I was kind of disappointed. Again, I wasn’t alone. Don’t get me wrong, the ablum had some tracks that I still fuck with (the Too Short-assisted “On My Level” and “The Race,” his best song since inking a deal) but I just didn’t feel it. Because of the content and tone of his music, he was built for crossover success, so while I understood why he went for that audience, I didn’t think he had to. He had that when he dropped Kush & Orange Juice in April of 2010. This week, Wiz issued a statement addressing the disappointment of his debut, switching up his style and his relationship with Amber Rose:
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The Male Experience At Howard’s Homecoming

It’s damn near October, which means it’s Homecoming season, and my alma mater is as famous for its Homecoming as it is for its academic merits. The homie Angry Stan dropped this guest blog over at The Gray Way. Pretty much sums everything up….and I think that’s one of my pictures. I’ve taken so many over the years that I don’t remember…..

Leggings Are a God Send: Women will grace the annual “Yardfest”—an outstretched Friday concert that’s notoriously showcased arriving Hip Hop & R&B talents, while fusing in more old school soul acts and international stars of late—with these on. They’re so endearing to men that the autumn and winter chill has become something to look forward to for “Legging Season.” This article of clothing accentuates the lower body and put’s the camel toe on full display. Just stop—If on Howard University’s main quad, or just walking through breezy city streets. Stop and observe the ravenous look that overcomes men as voluptuous, legging-clad women walk by. The box protrudes out, resembling ripe fruit ready to be picked and, *Drools*… excuse me, my imagination runs wild. Let’s just say they provide quite the exhibit. Word of warning to the ladies, though: Not all women are worthy of this magical fabric. I highly recommend women shaped like Cool Ranch Dorito bags leave their leggings in the closet.

So. Many. Choices.: In undergrad, I didn’t realize how fortunate I was to be surrounded by so many shades of the beautiful Black woman. I guess you can say, I took it for granted. College places thousands of women in one concentrated area. We studied with them, shared dorms with them, and we partied with them. We’ll never get that experience back. When I return to my school’s homecoming, I tell myself, “these young niggas don’t know how good they got it…”
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MTV=Bad Boy Records

If you weren’t already aware, MTV creates slaves. Shit, look at the cast of Jersey Shore, MTV has owned them since ’09. I was aware that it was bad, but The Village Voice got their hands on a contract for MTV’s The Real World. To summarize, they own your mind, body and soul…and you can’t do shit about it. See for yourself…
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Nike Signs Michael Vick To New Deal

“First they love you then they hate you then they love you again”-Kanye

After dropping him in ’07, Nike announced today that they’re re-signing Michael Vick to an endorsement deal. This comes roughly six months after he signed a two-year deal with protective sports gear maker Unequal Technologies, his first endorsement contract since leaving jail.

“Michael acknowledges his past mistakes. We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field.”

Those are the words of Nike spokesperson Derek Kent. Allow me to translate: we do not condone Mike Vick’s actions, but we do condone him being marketable again, and would like to profit from it. I was gonna go in on this, but the aforementioned Kanye quote pretty much sums it all up. Congrats to Mike Vick for getting that endorsement money back, and getting money during the off-sea-er, lockout.


Link: Nike Resigns Vick To Sponsorship Deal

Whitey Bulger Arrested

This is one hell of a week for the feds.

After 16 years on the run, James J. “Whitey” Bulger was arrested on Wednesday. He now faces federal racketeering charges in connection with murder, extortion, money laundering and some other foul shit. On top of that, he had a $2 million bounty on his head. As you may or may not know, The Departed’s Frank Costello, played brilliantly by the always entertaining Jack Nicholson, was inspired by Bulger and his antics. Costello was a cold-hearted, yet charismatic SOB; Bulger, on the other hand, was just evil.

In “The Departed,” we get but a taste of Frank’s villainous ways, snorting some cocaine, killing some Providence mafia members on occasion, showing off severed hands to instill fear in his people… you know, the usual stuff. But the depth of his control of the Boston crime rings was coated with a nice Hollywood sheen, and wasn’t nearly as terrifying as Whitey’s actual reign. We’re talking extortion, loansharking, truck hijacking, arms trafficking, being the main distributor of cocaine and marijuana in the state of Massachusetts and, lest we forget, the occasional murder here and there. And he did this uninhibited for 20 years.

However, the two still shared a lot of similarities. Bulger was an (spoiler) FBI informant as well, but he wasn’t even a good one:
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Lupe vs. Bill O’Reilly

After referring to Obama as a “terrorist” in his now infamous interview, Lupe Fiasco accepted Bill O’Reilly’s snide challenge to appear on his show an defend his comments. How awkward was it to see Bill O’Reilly defend President Obama, or for a hip-hop artist to appear on The O’Reilly Factor and for people to not automatically side with them?

It was funny watching O’Reilly reluctantly say “uncle”, but at the end of the day, Cam & Dame vs. Bill O’Reilly > Lupe vs. Bill O’Reilly. I’ve heard that a lot of the interview was edited out, but what we were treated too was a pointless argument about opinion and semantics. Like any other program, The O’Reilly Factor is about entertainment; right-wing, conservative asshole entertainment, to be specific. Lupe can feel however he wants about the actions of Obama and every other president before him, but he needs to realize that black people can’t-or shouldn’t-shit on each other in the media. It’s like saying “nigga” around a bunch of people of other races, it either makes them uncomfortable or too comfortable, if you catch my drift. Obama has enough people throwing rocks at the throne, so we as black people need to keep some of our issues in house. Lupe’s views can be extreme as he likes, but he has to realize that the media is gonna take comments like his and run with them like Earl Campbell. Simple case of divide and conquer.

Final verdict: anti-climactic
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