The 10 Greatest Drug Scenes In Movies

The way we see it, there are two types of substance-abuse scenes: ones that merely show people on drugs, and others that make you feel like you, the viewer, are the one on drugs.

Agreed, but they forgot one (IMO)……
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The Curb Your Enthusiasm Soundboard

The 8th season is two episodes in and it’s already hilarious. Larry David might be television’s most lovable asshole. Nullus.
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Happy Holidaze

Timeless classic….
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James Franco x 2Pac x Biggie

Weird, right? This random-ass clip is from Harmony Korine’s documentary which may or may not be titled “Rebel”. Harmony Korine wrote Kids and directed Gummo, so this should be entertaining at the very least.
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You Can’t Help Anyone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Helped….

Here’s a cosmic fastball for you….

….It’s difficult to accept that no matter how a person screams for help through their actions and words, you can’t save them. You’ll never be able to help anyone if they don’t want to be helped because your good intentions will ultimately be wasted on the tragically damaged. One of the saddest sights in life is wasted potential, and watching someone exude an ugliness that you know isn’t their true personality is like watching a car accident. Bottom line: you can’t stop anyone’s demise if they’re content with destroying themselves…

….your favorite wizard, signing off….
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The Top 50 Funny Movies

About 3 years ago, Complex made this list of their 50 favorite funny movies. I still have the issue; it Olivia Munn on one side and Andre 3K + Will Ferrell on the other side because they were promoting Semi-Pro. I remember thinking there were a lot of movies missing (IMO), but I’ve learned that list making is all about opinions and more difficult than it sounds. On top of that, anything you put on the internet will get hated on, so you should feel honored when it happens to you. Anyway, more comedic gems have fallen from the heavens since that first list was made, so Complex made a new list.

Thanks to this list, I now know that Lindsay Lohan turned down Heather Graham’s role in The Hangover because she thought it’d be a flop. As if she has the luxury of choice when it comes to what remains of her career. I guess she just replaced her manager with an attorney. With all of that said, I’d still smang.
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Scenes We Love: Major League II, 1994

One of my favorite movies as a kid. Ricky Vaughn aka Wild Thing will live forever….