Pharrell Records “I Am Other” Theme with HMI Orchestra

The first thing you’re probably wondering is “what the fuck is I Am Other?” Long story short, it’s a new venture Pharrell set up to showcase upcoming talent (artists, designers, filmmakers, etc.) through various forms of media. Another day another dollar.

Williams composed the mixed-genre orchestral work—which features soft and ethereal atmospheres contrasted with fortissimo brass themes and driving rhythms—to explore a different side of his musical creativity, and to encourage his hip-hop fan base to expand their musical horizons. Shelly Berg orchestrated and conducted the work, and Director of Recording Services Paul Griffith (B.M. ’83) was the recording engineer.

What The F*** is Michael Jordan Wearing? Makes its Way to Complex

Yesterday evening, Complex’s Art & Design channel made a post about Aaron’s What The F*** is Michael Jordan Wearing Tumblr, and the beauty of it all is that I wasn’t even involved. I was gonna mention it to them, but they went ahead and beat me to it. That shit is impressive.

That’s right everyone, I can’t take any credit for this one at all.
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Video: Entourage Season 8 (Trailer)

This is the preview people were waiting to see, mostly because it actually contains footage. Nothing lasts forever, and the show gave us the game behind the game delivers its last 8 eight episodes in July. The show isn’t what it was during the middle of its run, but there’ll never be another show like it.

Rick Ross at Transformers 3 Release Party

Ross x Tyrese x Michael Bey.

They Found Earl

All of this-the “FREE EARL” talk, last week’s seemingly random Earl track, this piece of investigative journalism and the timing of it all-leads me to believe that Earl might pop up at Coachella and some of these OFWGKTA shows in the near future. The funny thing is that all of this could be random and totally meaningless. I’ve been watching the game closely for nearly half my life, and the rules of the game don’t apply do these dudes. Who knows, though. Check the feature out and come up with your own conspiracy theory….
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More Nas vs. Def Jam

…and this is why he’s really pissed.

From: A Little Birdie
Re: Nas/Def Jam

FYI… They haven’t even heard the music yet. That’s why Nas is so pissed

Fuck the industry lol….

Spotted at The Lefsetz Letter.
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The Cool Kids Are Free

There’s a reason you haven’t heard much from these guys for the past couple of years. It’s because they were fighting with Chocolate Industries to get out their shitty contract. That ugly situation prevented them from releasing a studio album, so if anyone wondering what the delay was…there you go. They should find a new home pretty soon, that way they can drop more than just mixtapes.

Spotted at Fake Shore Drive.