Great Moments in Hip-Hop History at Howard University’s Homecoming

HUHC 2011 has come and gone, but not before I did this for my alma mater.

October is great, and not just because it gives girls an excuse to dress up like harlots. And it’s not because of football either. Howard University’s Homecoming is a landmark event, and while people unfamiliar with the school or the experience might not understand, if you’ve spent any time at Howard, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The week’s festivities will soon be over, but it’s Thursday night through Sunday afternoon where legends are born. Because of this, October will always be synonymous with my alma mater’s Homecoming.

Thousands of stories happen every year at Howard University’s Homecoming, and most of them are never told. In my short time on this planet, HU Homecoming has left me with a ton of memorable moments. Just last year, I witnessed grown men sprint to see Rick Ross perform, woke up at 1 a.m. to try and finagle my way into a party where J. Cole performed only to wake up four hours later and trek to Philly for a wedding. Following the reception, I traveled back to D.C. to keep the party going as the clock struck midnight and Mischief Night became Halloween. As you can see, I lived to tell about it, so without further introduction, here are a few reflections and some advice on how to make the most out of the next three days.

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’02 Verses From Kanye

Some old Kanye footage has surfaced. I remember hearing some of this-“Wow”-at Homecoming my Freshmen year, and people not feeling it. Then College Dropout dropped four months later and everybody was on his nuts. The rest is history….
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Saw this over at Nah Right and it made the wheels in my mind start turning….

…what are people so stressed out about? Even when shit is bad, it could be far worse. I was reminded of this over the weekend as I sat in my car on Grays Ferry Ave in South Philly and watched homeless kids who looked to be around my age saunter through the July heat, begging for money.

Be thankful for what you have. Also, change your situation if you have the ability to do so. It’s your life, and it’s in your hands. It isn’t easy, and curves will be thrown your way, but they just make you stronger. Understand that everyone you come across in life does not want you to succeed, and then decide whether or not you want to let them win.

Let the stress go, it’ll kill ya…..
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The 10 Best Rap Songs That Sample Al Green

It’s the Rev’s 65th birhday and Complex broke down the 10 best hip-hop songs utilizing samples from his music. As you comb through this list, you’ll notice how often the same samples are used over and over again. Hip-hop owes Al Green, Roy Ayers and James Brown big time…
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Video: Vintage RZA, GZA & ODB From ’91

Another true Stolen Moment. This is footage of Prince Rakeem (RZA), The Genius (GZA) and Ason Unique (ODB) on an incredibly ’90’s public access show called Rhythm & Soul to promote Words From The Genius.

Spotted at Nahright.

Air Jordan VII Bordeaux Coming In April

Jordan wore these in the ’92 NBA All-Star Game, and I don’t know how other people feel about them, but I’m probably gonna try and get these. I haven’t purchased a pair of Jordans since I bought the Space Jam’s, and I’ve worn those one time. I love the VII’s, so if I end up getting these, you’ll see them on my feet this April.

No official release date yet, but I’ll spread the word once I know.
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Celebrities Wearing The Air Jordan VII

Along with the IV’s, V’s, VI’s and VIII’s….this has always been one of my favorite pairs of J’s. More important, I know I’m not alone…
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