Odd Future Loiter Squad Episodes 1 & 2

They fucked up by letting these kids have a show.

Adult Swim, y’all are some clever motherfuckers.
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The Kenny Powers Soundboard

This dude is a walking soundbyte, so in honor of the third (and sadly, final) season starting on Sunday, Complex put this together.

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Sharon Carpenter. A Preview.

This subject will be revisited in the coming weeks. Elf ears and all….

Accent alone. Seriously though, I’d to be journalist friends with her one day.
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If you watch the brilliance that is House of Lies, you know about Megalyn Echikunwoke. This wily temptress is intriguing because, well, she looks like fun. She looks like she’ll try to outdrink you, and then fuck you in the bathroom. She looks like she’ll play video games with you, or watch/attend any and every sporting event you desire. And, last but not least, she looks like she’ll punch a bitch.

I could be totally off, but how can anyone resist those qualities?
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Atlantic Starr UnSung

Watched this early this morning to learn more about the White Plains, NY group responsible for so many classic joints from the late ’70’s to the ’90’s. In the process, I learned that female lead vocalist slot was basically a revolving door and how shady the Lewis brothers were. Well, are. At the end of the day, they still made great music.

Hands down, my favorite Atlantic Starr song is “When Love Calls” from their 1981 album Radiant. Sharon Bryant got to shine on that jawn, and its unfortunate she had to split in 1984. The best known incarnation of Atlantic Starr featured Barbara Weathers, who replaced Bryant and was featured on hits like “Always” and “Secret Lovers.” Weathers left the group in 1987 and then it was just name after name, but they had hits. All of their best moments came betwen’78 and ’88; that was really their time. Watch the whole show below
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Shameless Also Returns Tonight

I ended up watching this show by accident last year, but thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s about a degenerate Chicago family who always has some shit going on and going wrong, but it’s highly entertaining. The real star of the show is Emmy Rossum, who frequently sheds her clothes. I like her character, Fiona, because she’ll punch a mufucka just as quick as she’ll fuck him.

Fiery jawns >. Until they aren’t. Season 2 begins at 9 p.m. tonight. Gotta watch something, because ninjas are cancelling all of my shows…
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Californication Returns Tonight

Your boy is back tonight, along with RZA and Meagan Good. I’ve heard from my pirating friends that she does a good job in the first episode and I’m eager to see for myself. I’ve been claiming that girl since ’98, that’s like half of my life, so in my slanted eyes, we go together in a way. Even though she’s on this religious shit ever since Thomas Jones ruined her.

Meh, it happens. Anyway, tune in at 10:30 tonight for more Moodyisms….
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