NBA 2K12 “Greatest” Trailer

NBA 2K12 returns on October 4th, and this time MJ is bringing is old head friends with him. This edition will feature a “Greatest” mode that allows you to play with one of 15 legendary teams.

Everyone loves nostalgia.

Madden ’12

Let me start this off by saying I’m so glad Peyton Hillis got the cover over Mike Vick. You have no idea…

…anyway, in addition to the cover featuring Hillis, you’ll notice the embossed foil cover featuring Marshall Faulk. The creators have decided to immortalize Faulk, as he’ll become the first of all the Madden cover athletes to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. For a robust $89.99, you can get the Faulk statue in a box, an autographed Faulk card and 13 more cards featuring a combo of Madden cover ninjas and HOF’ers known as the Madden Ultimate Team Platinum Pack. Oh yeah, did I mention its only $89.99?

Madden ’12 comes out on August 30th, a little later than usual, and I feel like most folks are gonna pass on the mini-Faulk trophy in a box. No shots at Faulk at all, he was a fuckin’ beast…..
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14 More Ridiculously Hot Women Who Appeared In Video Games

It all started with Lara Croft. She might have been CG, but she was bad. So bad, in fact, that only Angie The Sexpot could portray her on the Big Screen. What a lot of folks don’t know, however, is that Lara Croft was modeled after Rhona Mitra. Anyway, Complex took the time to highlight 14 more jawns who appearted in video games. I know I’ve been posting a lot of their material lately, but that’s because I really like what I’ve seen of late.

Can’t argue with that, right?
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Video: Greg Jennings Scores TD on Madden ’11 With Broken Leg

Dan Weisman posted this on his blog, and the commentary was so funny I had to post it.

J.Cole X 9th Wonder X NBA Elite ’11

J.Cole and 9th Wonder created the sountrack for EA Sports NBA Elite ’11, which hits North American Stores. 9th had previously said that he handled the full soundtrack, but it sounds like “The Plan” by J.Cole-the game’s title track-was produced by Cole himself.

“Being the first artist to throw down the full soundtrack for NBA ELITE 11 was pretty amazing,” says 9th Wonder. “I was able to mesh together the two things that I love in life, basketball and music.”

Cole’s thoughts on the subject:

“As a big sports video game fan, it’s an honor to be a part of EA Sports NBA Elite 2011. I thank EA for trusting in me to create the game’s main song. I truly enjoyed the experience.”

Below is a preview of “The Plan”. RIP NBA Live 1995-2010.
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