#YHFRIDAY (Saturday)

So, I’m about a week late on this due to Internet fuckery, but uh…Elle Varner. Who knew? I mean, shit I knew because I did a post about her at the end of last year, but I didn’t know about that wagon. Jew Rawls and I laid equal claim to her in the jawn draft, but this makes her a first round pick.

*insert obligatory “Refill” joke here*

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#YHFRIDAY (Late Edition)

Joner. Also, the weekly installment is back. L’CHAIM.


#YHFRIDAY (Graduation Edition)

“And someone tell Rihanna too….I need that vagina too.”-Kendrick Lamar
That, folks, is essentially what sex looks like.


#YHFRIDAY (Cinco de Mayo Edition)

Yeah, it’s Saturday, but so what. Last night got pretty turnt (yes, “turnt” up). In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here’s Salma Hayek in black and white.

She’s 46.
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#YHFRIDAY (On Saturday)

I just started watching Fox’s New Girl and made a new discovery: Hannah Simone.

She’s “smart”(c) Jason Segel in Knocked Up….
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And that’s why I fuck with Janina Gavankar.
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Well, well, well. Guess who’s back on the market. As I write this, the bulk of the #YH faction in fuckin’ shit the fuck up in honor of our tech-saavy member. Wish I could be there, but y’all will coon for me.

Back to the topic though. Hello, Zoe. I like ya, and I want ya….
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