Video: Joey Bada$$-Waves

This kid is nice as fuck for 17, and 1999 is one of the year’s best projects. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 1999 is the album I would’ve made at 17.

Frank Ocean-Sweet Life

Simply put, this shit is fire. As far as his revelation about his sexuality, frankly, all I can is who gives a fuck? His music is the same, and that’s all you should care about. I pray I don’t overhear anyone talking shit about this cat and then singing Luther or Tevin Campbell. I will fry you on the spot.

Dumbass n****, lol. As for Agent Orange, that shit is definitely coming out on July 17 now……

GrandeMarshall-Dearly Beloved

New shit from the kid. Impatiently waiting on this 800 to drop.

Video(s): Ryshon Jones-Letter To Jhene Aiko x Satan’s Ferrari x UnderWorld

Been meaning to post these jawns.
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#YHFRIDAY (Saturday)

So, I’m about a week late on this due to Internet fuckery, but uh…Elle Varner. Who knew? I mean, shit I knew because I did a post about her at the end of last year, but I didn’t know about that wagon. Jew Rawls and I laid equal claim to her in the jawn draft, but this makes her a first round pick.

*insert obligatory “Refill” joke here*

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Video: Curren$y-Showroom

Checkered flag type shit. Get that Stoned Immaculate, in stores right now.

#YHFRIDAY (Late Edition)

Joner. Also, the weekly installment is back. L’CHAIM.