What’s Up With All of These Injuries?

First and foremost, ouch.

Second, I wish Baron a speedy recovery, but it might be wrap for him considering his age. Although he definitely fucked his knee up during his Freshman season at UCLA and still spent the better part of the next decade yamming on people at just 6’2″, it’s easier to bounce back from this type of injury at 19 than it is at 33.

What’s good with all of the injuries during the first round of the playoffs, though? Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert and now Baron Davis have all suffered serious knee injuries in just week. Shit, the Knicks have already lost two guards. This is no bueno.
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Today 2, Knees 0.

First Derrick Rose, then Iman Shumpert. The Knicks were getting stomped the fuck out by the Heat, and although Shump is cool, they can win without him….even though they aren’t winning that series. The Bulls went 18-9 without Rose this season, and may very well beat this Sixers without him, they aren’t beating anyone else. It’s horrible to see guys go down like this, and it’s pretty much impossible to watch guys suffer knee injuries and not immediately clutch your own knee in pain.

During the Knicks/Heat game, someone prematurely tweeted from the NBC Miami account that Rose had torn both his ACL and MCL and was done for the playoffs. This was before the fuckin’ MRI even went down. Whoever it was is presumably unemployed right now.
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