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Kanye at the Revel

Mad as fuck I wasn’t there. Brad was though, so here are the 10 best moment’s from last night’s show.

Video: Mercy

This video isn’t amazing, but I thoroughly enjoy it. I love black and white photography and video, black is my favorite color and I’ve been doing “All Black Everything” since like ’03. Plus, you gotta love the “Cudi Dance.” Dude stole the show with no verse.

Video: Kanye West-Lost In The World


Kanye is notorious for releasing videos late as fuck, but this album dropped in November of 2010. This could only mean one thing: there’s a lot of new music on the way.

I Don’t Like Remix.

If you’re still wondering who the fuck Chief Keef is, he’s a real-life rap version of Lil Ze’ from City of God. This kid might be one of the hardest ninjas out, and he’s like 16. I first heard of him when Andrew from Fakeshore Drive listed him as one of the 10 rappers from the Chi to watch, and since then he’s made his way to Gawker and now Kanye’s stamped him.

If he survives the year, he has the potential to be like Wacka. Hopefully, you como my se llama.
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*Kiss Laugh*

Jada really has an official, #3 barbershop special. In 15 years, I’ve never seen dude with hair, so this is kinda awkward.

Yet good, because he’s in the studio with Kanye.

RIP To All “Theraflu” Comments After This

There’s nothing anyone can about the song after this. Absolutely nothing.