Don’t Doubt Beyonce’s Ratchetness

This jawn is from Houston, Texas, so her mobbin’ like this to MMG’s BET AWards performance shouldn’t shock anyone. Look at her go, she must be the most fun wife of all-time.

Video: Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross-Black Magic x Wale feat. Meek Mill & French Montana-Actin’ Up

Self Made 2 isn’t that good, but I fuck with both of these tracks. First of all, n**** don’t even understand how Meek bodied the first verse on “Black Magic,” and I support the message behind “Actin’ Up” 150%.
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Self Made Vol.2 Tracklist x Artwork

A lot of features on here, as expected, but it’s good to see Nas and Kendrick on here. Nas is on his feature shit, and I’m not mad at him. Dude has to get that child support money. It’s the type of shit that makes me not want to have kids/get married/any of that shit.

Anyway, the project is in stores June 26.
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Video: MMG feat T-Pain-Bag Of Money

After the media circus, they dropped this, hence the media circus.

Self Made Vol 2 in stores 6/26.

Video: Stalley feat. Rick Ross-Party Heart

Ross let Stalley have this one.

The former two-guard dropped his MMG debut, Save Journey To The American Dream today. Self Made, Vol.2 coming soon.

Video: Meek Mill-Lean Wit It

So what is this, the third video from MMG this week? Otra mufuckas need to step their shit up.

Jessica Gomes is the “Maybach Music” Voice

Somebody finally figured out who the jawn was that says “Maybach Music” at the beginning of most MMG tracks: fuckin’ Jessica Gomes, apparently. She tweeted it, and then started retweeting fans who referred to her as the “Maybach Music lady,” so that’s about as good as saying it’s her.

If it’s really her, I wanna know how they got her to record the drop. She seems like a cool chick though, and she was on my ’11 List. That reminds me: get your 2012 Lists ready.

I wonder what it’ll take for her to record a “Mitsubish Music” drop for me…..
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