I’m still alive.

This is a good enough reason to resurface, no?

Rihanna’s Love of Self-Love

Welp, we aren’t mad at her. Do you, Rih Rih—literally.

#YHFRIDAY (Graduation Edition)

“And someone tell Rihanna too….I need that vagina too.”-Kendrick Lamar
That, folks, is essentially what sex looks like.


Rihanna: “I Do Not Have a Drug Problem”

Rihanna’s blunted Coachella activities had everyone up in arms last week, but I don’t really see the big deal. I think more needs to be made about the fact that she totally emasculated dude by rolling up on his head than the fact that she smokes weed. Shit, 24-year-old’s smoking weed is common, why is it such a big deal that she does it?

If she puts the pictures on Instagram, it’s because she wants you to see them and react, so why bother calling her an “attention whore” when you’re giving her what she wants. Let that jawn smoke her weed and go about your business.
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Drake x HYFR x Take Care

This video is amazing. All the way from young Aubrey dancing in the beginning of the video, to the whole re-Bar Mitzvah thing, it’s brilliant. Dare I say it’s on the same level as “International Player’s Anthem”? Oh yeah, this video defines #YH.

Below is the vid for “Take Care” with Rih Rih….
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Take Care.

Video coming soon. Looks emotional.

Rihanna x Armani

Part deux.

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